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Indeed, expert money managers suggest that by 2028, due to possible massive shifts in the financial markets, borrowers would flock to the front door of private credit funds, boosting the value of the global private debt market to USD3.5 Trillion.
Closed-End Fund – This fund is a type of mutual fund, and in order to raise capital or investment, the fund issues a fixed number of shares through a one-time initial public offering (IPO). The shares can be bought and sold on a stock exchange if the fund is quoted, but no new money can be received into the fund once the IPO closes. Access to closed-end funds is only available during a New Fund Offer (NFO).
Open-End Fund – As opposed to a closed-end fund, the open-end fund such as mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETF’s) accept new capital on a constant basis and also issue new shares.
Mutual Fund – This is an investment opportunity where monies/investments are received from a wide range of individuals and pooled together in order to purchase a wide range of stocks, bonds and other securities. Funds are managed by professional money managers in The Exchange Dubai LLC and are structured to match the prospectus where the investment objectives are stated.


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